Gen AI VC Panel 5/17/24

The Gen AI VC panel participants
The Gen AI VC panel participants address the crowd of attendees.

On May 17th, the conference room was filled to capacity for the Generative AI in Healthcare VC Panel (more info: HERE), organized by the Department of Biomedical Data Science (DBDS) and the BIODS 295 course. The event, featuring five prominent venture capitalists, attracted not only DBDS members but also graduate students, postdocs, and faculty from various other Stanford departments, underscoring the widespread interest in AI’s impact on healthcare.

The panelists, including Jay Rughani of a16z, Fern Mandelbaum of Emerson Collective, Cheryl Cheng of Vive Collective, Rafic Makki of Mubadala Capital, and Eric Chen of OVO Fund, discussed emerging trends, challenges, and critical success factors for AI-driven healthcare startups. They had sage advice for students, encouraging them while at Stanford go on “dates” to find co-founders and to use their Stanford student status to reach out to anyone anywhere. Moderated by Karen Matthys, Executive Director of DBDS, the lively discussion was followed by a reception that provided further networking opportunities for attendees.

—DBDS Admin Staff