Paul J (PJ) Utz

My lab works closely with the Khatri lab to validate and extend bioinformatics discoveries using MetaSignature and other algorithms developed by the Khatri lab. The focus of the lab is on (i) development and implementation of multiplexed assays, including protein and peptide arrays, CyTOF, transcript profiles, and more recently EpiCyTOF; and (ii) discovery of biomarkers and druggable targets for many autoimmune, inflammatory, immunodeficiency, and infectious diseases.

Samson Tu

Modeling of biomedical ontologies and clinical guidelines and protocols, development of knowledge-based systems, knowledge representation, databases, temporal database and temporal reasoning, protocol-based health care.

Michael P. Snyder

Snyder laboratory the first to perform a large-scale functional genomics project in any organism, and currently carries out a variety of projects in the areas of genomics and proteomics both in yeast and humans. These include the large-scale analysis of proteins using protein microarrays and the global mapping of the binding sites of chromosomal proteins. His laboratory built the first proteome chip for any organism and the first high resolution tiling array for the entire human genome.

Arend Sidow

Current projects are in developmental genomics (mouse), gene regulation and chromatin function (mouse and human), cancer genomics (human), and inherited rare disorders (human).

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