Poster with agenda for VC panel

You’re invited to attend a VC panel on Generative AI and Healthcare on May 17th at 3:00PM.  The panel will feature 5 Venture Capitalists and will focus on the latest trends, challenges and success factors with AI in healthcare startups. This panel is open to all faculty, graduate students and postdocs.  It is sponsored by DBDS and the course BIODS 295 Generative AI in Healthcare.


When: May 17th, 3:00-4:30pm Panel; 4:30-5:30 Reception
Where: Chem H Building Room E153

  • Jay Rughani, a16z
  • Fern Mandelbaum, Emerson Collective
  • Cheryl Cheng, Vive Collective
  • Rafic Makki, Mubadala Capital
  • Eric Chen, OVO Fund
  • Moderator: Karen Matthys, Executive Director, DBDS